Can’t sell your house? Remodel it and enjoy it now!

Charlotte kitchen remodeling by Archadeck of Charlotte

We are in a very difficult market to sell your home right now in Charlotte. Instead of waiting until just before you sell it to repair and remodel it, why not enjoy it now? Archadeck of Charlotte and Value Remodelers and Handyman Services are sister companies that provide complete remodeling and handyman services to Charlotte and have done so for over 23 years. Many people wait until an inspector tells them they need to have several items brought up to code or their realtor advises them that until they update their outdoor living space or kitchen or bath, the home simply won’t sell. The best advise is instead of waiting for the next owner to enjoy your investment, why don’t you? To get some ideas, check out the photo galleries at either or


Bathroom Remodeling in Charlotte is rated best return on investment for interior in 2011!

Each and every year a nationally trusted trade publication called Remodeling Magazine ( lists the best return on investment for various remodeling projects. In 2011, remodeling your bathroom comes in at number 1!  Whether you are simply updating your fixtures, sinks, and vanities or a total remodel, the research shows that spending money on upgrading your bathroom has a high return on investment. We are in Charlotte, NC, and have remodeled several bathrooms already in the first 6 weeks of 2011 and there seems to be no end in sight of people looking to follow suit with their bathroom remodeling plans. For more ideas and photos, you can go to , this is an Archadeck of Charlotte subsidiary that has a brand new showroom being built in Charlotte!