Charlotte Outdoor Living Infused with Luxury and Practicality

Outdoor living in four distinct areas, wrought with high style and functionality by Archadeck of Charlotte.

Outdoor living means different things to different folks.  These homeowners meant to take every possible opportunity to be outdoors, whether in the open-air areas, or inside the protection of the screened porch.  This luxurious Charlotte screened porch, deck, and patio combination will keep these homeowners outdoors for many a day and many a purpose.  Whether private relaxation or entertaining is on the agenda, Archadeck of Charlotte has provided many ways for them to draw full enjoyment and use out of their gorgeous outdoor living space.

Charlotte outdoor kitchen travertine patio

Increase your time outdoors with a screened porch and Charlotte outdoor fireplace.

The Charlotte area climate lends itself to plenty of outdoor living time each year, and these homeowners worked with Archadeck of Charlotte to capitalize on milder “out-of-season” temperatures with a screened porch, complete with outdoor fireplace.  This custom outdoor fireplace with stone façade will facilitate warmth and ambiance as cooler temperatures move into our area this fall.  Notice how well the stone façade of outdoor kitchen unit and fireplace cohesively bind the deck and screened porch areas!  Speaking of the kitchen area, the cook will not be left out of the occasion when duty calls.  With a custom bench for friends and family built alongside, the grill master elect will enjoy their time working.

Cook, soak up the sun, and enjoy a conversation with loved ones on your Charlotte deck and patio!

This beautiful Charlotte outdoor living space not only offers many options for entertaining and leisure, but the variety of building materials really set it apart, giving it a truly custom aesthetic.  These homeowners will enjoy the low-maintenance advantages of their new elevated Trex deck.  The deck and fascia material are Trex Transcend Island Mist, which gives a weathered appearance, playing in perfect complement to the darker deck skirting in Trex Transcend Vintage Lantern.  Vintage Lantern is a perfect match to the exterior of the screened porch.  The custom mix of colors, textures, and patters truly set this deck apart!

Charlotte outdoor living trex island mist deck

The custom travertine tile patio provides a beautiful and organic staging area for comfortable patio furniture.  The patio will provide an area for conversation with friends and family, or a private spot of respite.  Imagine a cool fall morning with coffee or tea in-hand, or a starlit evening with a glass of wine!  Patios are fantastic transitional areas and might be staged for conversation or even eat-on spaces when entertaining.

The beautiful array of colors, patterns, and materials all work in harmony with the home’s original brick façade.  Each element – the brick, stone, travertine, and Trex decking materials – lends the whole a feeling of unconventional luxury.  Archadeck of Charlotte can help choose materials for your outdoor living space that will bring an air of custom style with choice low-maintenance and natural stone elements to best suit your design tastes, home, and lifestyle.

If you are looking for luxurious Charlotte outdoor living ideas that will allow you more time outdoors with family and friends, give us a call for a free design consultation at (704) 944-1350 or email us and a Design Consultant will contact you promptly.

For your Charlotte outdoor fireplace, beware do-it-yourselfers and beware of the bricklayer (need a mason, artisan)

The most sought after outdoor living spaces today are built around the outdoor fireplace. Everyone wants them and many are surprised by the price to design and build them. When outdoor fireplaces are free standing out in the yard and adjacent to a patio or a deck, they can range in price from $7,000 up and they get more expensive as you make them wider, taller, use alternative materials, and so forth.

An even more popular application of the outdoor fireplace is integrating them into a screen porch or 3-season room so that you also have cover. These tend to be more expensive because you need skilled carpentry to insure the function and aesthetics are there to make the fireplace seamless with the roof structure. In addition, when you integrate a wood burning fireplace with a screen porch, the chimney needs to extend 2′ above the highest pitch within 10′ of the chimney. Furthermore, if the porch is up in the air, you need to build your stone work from the ground up and this adds additional masonry costs.

With the above variables in mind,there are those that seek out cheaper ways of having their fireplaces built. The unfortunate part of construction is that there are few barriers to entry. Any handy person can claim their ability to construct just about anything. The truth is that there is more to building an outdoor fireplace than meets the eye. People look at it and think all I need is some bricks and morter. Think again.

It starts with the footing. It is critical to have the proper depth, concrete, rebar, and so on. Then you need to understand the local building codes. Even if you don’t plan on pulling a building permit, they are some basic safety ideas that the code book provides for. How are you going to design your hearth? Have you any idea of the mantle material, where it needs to be placed, the width and depth? Finally and perhaps most importantly is the flu architecture. What is that? Designing the flue and chase so that the smoke draws properly up the chimney and not back at you through the fire box.

For these reasons, beware of trying to construct an outdoor fireplace by yourself or with a bricklayer. The money you save will be quickly spent trying to reconstruct the structure to actually perform! We have a vast photo gallery of outdoor fireplaces at

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this outdoor living space featuring a Sunbrite outdoor TV and stone outdoor fireplace

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this outdoor living space featuring a Sunbrite outdoor TV and stone outdoor fireplace

A beautifully integrated outdoor fireplace in a screen porch with EZE Breeze windows in Charlotte, NC on stained pressure-treated wood decking by Archadeck of Charlotte

A beautifully integrated outdoor fireplace in a screen porch with EZE Breeze windows in Charlotte, NC on stained pressure-treated wood decking by Archadeck of Charlotte

Why would I build an outdoor fireplace versus a fire pit?

Should you add a fire pit or fireplace as a feature on an outdoor living space? One thing is for certain, fire features are hot (no pun intended)!

Archadeck deck in Charlotte with fire pit

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this pretty stained deck and fire pit

So…why would you build an outdoor fireplace versus building a fire pit? Here are some important considerations:

1. Function

Do you want this to be part of a room enclosure like a screen porch or sun room? If so, it will by default have to be a fireplace for venting purposes. If you want to have a large group most of the time, a fire pit actually allows for a large group to sit on all sides and allows for more people to enjoy the warmth of the fire than a fireplace.

2. Aestheitcs

An outdoor fireplace is a focal feature of an outdoor space. By it’ sheer size and design, when build right and placed appropriately, the outdoor fireplace is a most attractive addition. On the other hand, if you have incredible views of water or woods, you may want something much lower profile like the fire pit. Both fire features can be additive to the overall landscape design but placement of the feature is critical.

wood burning stone outdoor fireplace with fieldstone on a flagstone patio in Charlotte

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this flagstone patio and fieldstone outdoor fireplace

3. Price

A stone outdoor fireplace can be as low as $8,000 and go up to $15,000 depending on size and additional features. The stone outdoor fire pit is more like $1,000 and go upwards depending on size and features.

There is a significant price difference as you can see. If budget will not allow for the fireplace, a fire pit will still serve as a great place to entertain friends and family. The one thing you will forgo is the focal point of the space. To see a complete photo gallery of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, go to