Charlotte Outdoor Kitchens really taking off….why?

The outdoor kitchen business in Charlotte is growing exponentially. Why is that? At Archadeck of Charlotte, we design and build outdoor living spaces and outdoor living rooms. We see the trends and we are in the middle of a weekend Home Show here in Charlotte. By far the biggest request for information is on outdoor kitchens. Perhaps it’s our love of the concept of moving the inside features of homes outside? Perhaps it’s just trying to “keep up with the Joneses”?

More likely, it’s the idea that we American’s love to grill, love to entertain, and if you live in a great climate like Charlotte, North Carolina, you can be outdoors at least 85 – 90% of the time. The requests certainly start with a nice grill, and can include but are not limited to a refrigerator, a sink, a warming drawer, a side burner, an ice machine, storage drawers, and a pull out trash receptacle. We primarily are getting requests for stone cabinets that are constructed of stainless steel framing, cement board, and various stone cladding. The countertops can have raised backsplashes with lighting, outlets, and every finish from stone to granite to tile. To see various outdoor kitchen projects and pictures, go to

stone outdoor kitchen Charlotte with travertine countertop

Archadeck outdoor kitchen will all of the appliances in Charlotte

How do I know if my screen porch is big enough or how to plan for the neccessary space?

At Archadeck of Charlotte, we often find that people choose the size of their screen porch based more on the back of their house rather than thinking through how they are going to furnish the screen porch or how there are going to utilize the space. While looking at the different roof lines, doors, and windows on the back of the house are all elements for consideration, another important element is how much furniture you would like to place inside the screen porch on how you would like to situate it.

Screen porches are really “outdoor living rooms” these days and many people have a table for dining as well as a couch, rocking chairs, TV’s, and small tables. Our advice at Archadeck is to measure the furniture and leave room for chairs to slide out as well as plan on leaving pathways for traffic flow. By taking these items into consideration, you will create a very functional screen porch. To get ideas, click on this link to our photo gallery at 

Archadeck of  Charlotte built screen porch with outdoor fireplace and travertine

Archadeck of Charlotte screen porch with outdoor fireplace and travertine tile

How to build a stone outdoor patio?

Most people that are handy believe that they can build almost anything. Why? The conventional thinking is to save money or simply they just enjoy the challenge! So, what is the proper way to construct a stone patio? To start, you must find an area on your property that is going to make sense to place the patio. Some considerations include drainage, grade, and proximity to trees and your home. Secondly, you will need a lot of shovel power or access to a bobcat. Regardless of the type of stone or paver your choose, you will need to level the land where you want to place the patio with a slight pitch to move water the direction you want it to go. You will then need to purchase and install crushed ABC stone, aggregate, screening and then tamp it all do0wn. Ideally you want to build a 4″ – 6″ base prior to putting your stone or pavers down. Once you lay out your patio stones, then an ideal solution is to spread polymeric sand and allow it to harden. These should be useful steps for those that want to tackle this themselves. For professional installation and some great photo ideas, go to http://www.charlotte.archadeck.comor

Paver patio with stone firepit in Charlotte

Archadeck of Charlotte designed an built this stone paver patio with a stone outdoor fire pit

How much should an outdoor fireplace cost?

We have a broad perspective of the competitive market for outdoor fireplaces in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding market. Outdoor fireplaces are available as a “do-it-yourselfer”, a pre-fabricated unit, and a custom built variety.

We have written in previous blogs by Archadeck of Charlotte that it is not advisable to build an outdoor fireplace if you do not do this for a living. You can reference our “why should a do-it-yourselfer not build an outdoor fireplace” blog. In terms of pre-fabricated units, they range from $6,000 – $9,000 depending on size and material and that includes the cost of labor. A custom stone outdoor fireplace can range from $6,000 on up depending on size and stone. The average stone outdoor fireplace seems to run around $7,000 for a free-standing to over $10,000 for one that is integrated into a screen porch. These prices do include labor and material. For more information, go to

Stone outdoor fireplace with stone travertine patio

Stone patio with outdoor fireplace

How to select the best stone for my outdoor fireplace?

Paver patio with stone firepit in CharlotteSo, how should you go about selecting best stone for your outdoor fireplace? First, take an inventory of what your exterior cladding on your home, landscaping, foundation, etc….

Secondly, familiarize yourself with what is out there. With the explosion of stone as a cladding preference in the Charlotte, NC market, there are many styles and colors. Archadeck of Charlotte has a full exterior show room where you can select any number of stone colors and types. There is ledge stone, field stone, stack stone, flagstone, and so forth that are available in either real stone from a quarry or synthetic stone from companies like El Dorado Stone who have a vast selection of stone colors and styles. It is important to work with a professional consultant who has experience so that you not only select the correct color of stone but also the right style that works with your home and needs! To see some great visuals on outdoor fireplaces and the stone you can choose from, check out the photo gallery at