Do Trex decks stain or mildew? Do Trex decks fade?

There is a lot of bad history and bad press out there on – line. If you don’t know what you are really looking at, it can be very misleading.

Trex is the originator of the composite deck industry and in fact, the original product did have these issues. The product faded relatively quickly. It was easy to stain with the spill of any oil based product. Mildew grew easily due to the porous nature of the design.

Along came the invention of Trex Transcends. This was a vast improvement of the original products that solved the major problems consumers complained about. By engineering a cap stock over the original core of the product, the product now has a 25-year fade warranty in addition to protection from staining. The product is so superior that in the previous 7 years, we literally have no callbacks on Trex. So when you do your research on Trex, make sure you are looking at the Trex Transcends!

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What are the hottest color trends with Trex Transcends composite deck and rail?

The latest and hottest colors for Trex Transcends decking are Island Mist ( a beautiful gray with a black streaker/ variegated) and continues to be Spiced Rum (featured above with the fire pit on it).

Trex continues to be the market leader in both share and innovation. When Trex launched their Transcends and Tropics line over 7 years ago, it changed the industry once again. The cap stock they added to their product allowed them to put a no fade and no stain warranty on their product and simultaneously improved the aesthetics with a more realistic wood grain and vibrant relevant color selections.

A trend we are seeing really heat up is mixing colors on the deck with borders, intricate in-lays, fascia boards, stair risers, and of course the various rail options.

Archadeck of Charlotte is a Trex Pro Platinum installer (the only one in Charlotte, NC) and we install hundreds of decks annually. We have worked closely with Trex and have a seat on their Advisory Board. The rail choices range from the matching Trex Transcends rail, to adding powder-coated aluminum pickets, to glass rail inserts, to an all aluminum rail, or going to a contrasting rail color like an all white or all black rail. To see a complete photo gallery of Trex products, go to


Today’s decks are anything but square…deck design ideas

Unique deck with multiple levels and an outdoor fireplace in South Charlotte by Archadeck

Unique deck with multiple levels and an outdoor fireplace in South Charlotte by Archadeck

Trex Composite dekcing installed by Archadeck of Charlotte

Trex Transcends composite deck and fascia in Charlotte, NC

Like most outdoor living spaces, decks have gone through an evolutionary change. Gone are the days of square and rectangular decks. At a minimum, people want corners that are on a 45 degree cut. That’s just the beginning! As people have moved from inside the home to outdoors, they want unique deck design features.

At Archadeck of Charlotte, we began seeing this evolution about 7 years ago and it has accelerated. People are looking at multi-level decks as creating areas of interest, even if it’s just one-step down or elevated. There are wonderful spaces being designed into the deck that create family or small group gatherings with comfortable benches and furniture. Deck boards are being installed in multiple directions to create more visual interest. Deck boards are being installed as a picture frame around the entire deck and stained in a different color much like a beautiful photograph.

Trex, the leading manufacturer of composite decking sends out wonderful design ideas from their multitude of professional installers that is a frequent reference guide.We are seeing outdoor fireplaces being installed on and next to decks, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and even Green Eggs in built-ins.

Deck designs are so unique that movie sets are looking for ways to glamorize their scenes with unique outdoor spaces. In many ways, living outdoors has become the vogue. For great deck designs, go to

Researching composite decking in the Carolina market? Trex and Archadeck are the right combination!

Trex Transcends Tropics with 2-level deckAs a design/ build organization, we introduced Trex composite deck and rail to the Charlotte market over 15 years ago! The original product was gray and had no woodgrain. The product evolved to have 3 more colors over time but they faded out to gray eventually.

Trex listened to the market and realized they needed a product that like wood and introduced a natural looking wood grain to improve the appearance of the board. The market then requested the product not fade and Trex added UV inhibitors into the product to greatly reduce fading. Then the market felt the product scratched too easily and stained easily due to the porosity of the board.

Fast forward to roughly 2009, Trex introduced the Trex Transcends product line that had all of the benefits that the market had requested over the years. Archadeck of Charlotte sits on the Trex Advisory Board and has been an active participant in relaying market data and taking the product back to market. Trex Transcends features a capstock with acrylic and PVC that makes the product fade resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant, all while maintaining a wood like appearance with a wonderful color selection. There are 5 primary Transend colors that are complimented by a premium color line called Trex Tropics that have the appearance of Brazilian Hardwoods!

Archadeck has installed and worked with Trex for years and is most knowledgeable about the product line, the best installation techniques, and the overall value proposition to determine if it’s right for the particular circumstances. You can find hundreds of photos on with great deck designs! You can also go to !

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this Trex Tropics Spiced Rum composite deck

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this Trex Tropics Spiced Rum composite deck

Frequently Asked questions about Trex decking/ Composites?

Trex Transcends Spiced Rum with ledgestone firepit and benching in Charlotte

We frequently get asked the same questions surrounding Trex decking and composite decking in general.

1. What is the price difference between composite decking and wood decking?

The answer is dependent on whether you are building a deck from scratch or simply replacing the deck boards. If you you are going to have a brand new deck built, you can anticipate paying

from 35-45% more for composites. If you are simply comparing at least double.

2. I hear there are a lot problems with mildew and staining?

Trex Transcends is a product that is stain resistant and carries a 25-year warranty against it!
3. What about the composite decking fading?
Trex Transcends has an acrylic cap stock that acts as a UV inhibitor and they also have a 25-year fade warranty!

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