Covered patio pricing, how much does a porch cost?

Are you researching the price of a covered patio? We are going to provide some updated pricing for porches to provide some guidelines.

While a simple square foot price can you get you part way there, there are many other considerations.

Is there an existing patio? Are there footings around the perimeter? Is the patio cover going to be attached to the house or free-standing? All of these questions affect the pricing of a covered patio. What is the roof line? A gable roof will cost slightly more than a shed roof and a hip roof or flat roof will add more than a gable. Is the roof going to be attached to the house wall or need to be tied into the existing roof line? When the roof needs to be tied into the existing shingles, it adds to the cost as well.

If you are figuring a roof over an existing patio of any substrate, you will need to add to this figure depending on the type of roofing, columns, footings, etc….

In today’s figures, we would say around $50 – 70 per square foot to cover a patio. If the roof will be less than 120 square feet, you will pay more per square foot due to the inefficiency of material and labor. You can see many covered patio designs at


Do I need to screen in my porch in Charlotte, NC?

For years, everyone felt the need to screen in their porch in the Carolina’s. More and more over the past 3 years, we have seen a shift to what we would call “open porches” or covered patios or covered decks.

These are basically the same structures with a roof and columns but one has a screen with a screen door and the other does not.

Why the trend to open porches? First and foremost, people like an unobstructed view. The fact is, most screen porches require more vertical posts than open porches to connect the screen to. When an open porch is designed, you can get away with fewer columns and they tend to be more substantial or wider columns. Often times when there is no screen, we use various decorative trims on the columns that don’t work as well when you attach the screen.

By installing larger ceiling fans, many times you can achieve the goal of the screen. The blowing fans tend to bother flying insects and they tend to stay on the perimeter. The advent of mosquito repellent companies, such as Mosquito Squad in Charlotte also plays a factor in enabling a homeowner to keep their covered porches open! To see great screen porch and open porch designs, go to


Covering an outdoor kitchen, code issues?

Depending on which jurisdiction you live in, covering an outdoor kitchen can be a code violation.

You have to dig deeper though, what does it mean to “cover” an outdoor kitchen? In many cases, people are intending to put a solid roof over it to keep out of the elements. In the Carolina’s, there are many counties that will only allow this if you purchase and install a hood vent to take the fumes through the roof of the structure. These can be quite costly and you really need an expert to install it properly


In some counties, if the roof is not screened in and you put the cooking station on the perimeter of the roof, they allow that to pass.

A common cover is a pergola like the one featured above left. This is allowed in all jurisdictions because the covering is not solid allowing the fumes to dissipate. Pergolas are very appealing aesthetically and do provide some protection from the sun if there are enough timbers installed above. They do not however keep the rain from hitting you.

Retractable awnings are another form of cover and there are no building codes against awnings. Make sure you check with a licensed general contractor or the county building department to see what your options are. If you want to see a complete photo gallery of outdoor kitchens, go to


How do I know if my deck can be repaired or needs replaced? Is my deck safe?

Decks can be viewed two distinctly different ways. One, a place for entertainment, relaxation, and beauty. The second, a way to exit the back of your home without having to immediately walk down steps and is strictly functional.

In either case, the safety of your deck is paramount. In almost all cases, decks are elevated off grade and pose a safety threat if they are improperly built or simply begin to rot. Decks need consistent maintenance to maintain their safety to include sealing and checking the sub-structure.

To determine if your deck can simply be repaired versus replaced, it is recommended to have a professional inspect in at least every 3 years. Some of the key areas to inspect include looking at the attachment from underneath the deck where it’s attached to the house. ┬áIn addition, the joists where they meet the ledger board and where they are attached to the perimeter band.

The rail is another important safety check. If your deck is elevated for than 30″ from grade, it is a requirement to have a 36″ tall rail. Check the attachment strength of the rail and that it does not have too much give to it. People tend to lean against rails and there are many reported rail collapses in this past year alone! To protect against potential safety issues, contact a professional who is licensed and specializes in decks. If you are in the Carolina’s, go to


What are my screen options for my porch?

There are several varieties, colors, and features when it comes to screen for porches. Archadeck of Charlotte is one of the largest screen porch builders in the country and never leaves the Charlotte metro area.

Screen porches have become favorite spots for families in suburban Charlotte and the surrounding Ft. Mill, SC market. They offer a great escape from everyday life and make you feel like you’re on vacation in your backyard.

There are a wide variety of screen options. A basic option is what’s called rolled screen. This is a cost effective option that works perfectly fine. It is stretched across the outside of the porch posts and often stapled into the post. Then a trim board is attached over the screen such as a 1×4 making the fasteners disappear where the screen is attached.

The photo above on the right shows a product called Screen Eze which allows for wider spans and has an aluminum frame that attached the panel to the posts. This product is great is if you want large openings!

Eze Breeze windows are complete units that convert your screen porch to a sunroom and right back again simply by sliding the panes up or down as shown above. They have a full screen on the outside and vinyl panels that can completely close off the room or slid to let it have a breeze.

There are also vinyl framed screens that operate similarly to the Screen Eze and have a vinyl trim that attaches to the posts as opposed to aluminum.

To see a wide variety of applications for your screen porch, go to

Popular deck flooring options in Charlotte

What are the most popular deck flooring options in the Charlotte, NC market? For years it was good old pressure-treated southern yellow pine decking. Today, there are many alternatives and some are taking serious market share.

Above you will see Brazilian hardwood deck called Ipe. This product is known for its durability and beauty and is referred to often as “Ironwood”. The deck next to it has travertine stone tile overlooking Lake Wylie in South Carolina. This provides a very finished look with very low maintenance. Travertine comes in a variety of colors and sizes as well.

Composite decking such as Trex or Azek has grown substantially in popularity primarily for their low-maintenance characteristics. In addition, the manufacturers have done a great job making them appear more like real wood! To see an extensive gallery of deck options, go to

How do I clean my EZE BREEZE windows?

Archadeck of Charlotte and been distributing and installing PGT’s EZE BREEZE porch windows for over 15 years now.

One of the most common questions we get is how to clean them? The manufacturer is PGT Industries in Sarasota, Florida does sell a specialty cleaner that is branded specifically for the windows. Short of that, do NOT use Windex or anything containing alcohol as it will void the warranty!

We recommend either Woolite, soap and water, or of course if you have access to the actual cleaner. The windows tilt in for easy cleaning and actually are removable if you want to hand wash them as they are very light in weight.

They generally need cleaning twice a year, not too bad! For more information on EZE Breeze or other porch products, go to

EZE Breeze screen porch with a difficult roof connection built by Archadeck of Charlotte

EZE Breeze screen porch with a difficult roof connection built by Archadeck of Charlotte