“Where is the best place to put a billiards room in your house if you don’t quite have the space”

Billiards tables are large, heavy, cumbersome, and really great for recreation and entertaining! Where is the best place to put a billiards table in your home? If you purchase a regulation size billiards table, you not only need room to support the table but additional room to manuver your pool stick. There just aren’t that many rooms in the average home to accomodate this. Archadeck of Charlotte designed and build this outdoor living room that is designed to be a screen porch, sun room, and billiards room! The room features¬†EZE Breeze windows that are retractable and convert a screen porch into a sun room and right back again.¬† A typical billiards table is 7′ x 3’6″ and then there should be at least another 3′ all the way around to manuever. So if you don’t have the ideal spot in your house for a billiards table, why not design and build a combination screen porch and sunroom that can also house the pool table? To see more rooms, take a look at Archadeck’s photo gallery at http://www.charlotte.archadeck.com

Archadeck of Charlotte EZE Breeze billiards sunroom

EZE Breeze sunroom billiards room