How can I heat my Charlotte screen porch in the winter?

A screen porch or screened in deck is extremely popular in Charlotte, North Carolina. At Archadeck, we design and build over 200 screen porches every year and have so for over 25 years now! One of the few reasons people seem to want a sunroom over a screen porch, is they want to be able to use it all year around and during the colder weather especially!

So, how do we go about giving our customers a heated screen porch? There are some functional options and like anything else at varying price points. The most cost effective way to heat a screen porch is to buy a simple space heater from your local big box store and it will heat the area right in front of where you place it. Secondly, you could add Eze Breeze retractable screen porch windows that will trap the heat inside the screen porch and heat more than just the area in front of the heating unit.

If you want to heat the entire porch area, you can buy a mounted porch heater that we install on the header of the porch around the perimeter of the inside and this is a common practice at are restaurants that have outdoor dining.

If you want to maximize the heat retention, you could insulate the porch floor and ceiling and this would help trap heat as well especially when combined with the EZE Breeze windows!

Finally, having an outdoor fireplace integrated into the screen porch like the one featured below is a wonderful way to provide heat for the porch. If you have an existing screen porch and are wondering if it is too late to add the outdoor fireplace? It is not, we have retrofitted many existing screen porches with our carpenter working along side our masons to provide the custom outdoor fireplace feature to heat the porch! Archadeck is a licensed general contracting outfit in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Archadeck of Charlotte stone outdoor fireplace inside screen porch

Screen porch in Charlotte with stone outdoor fireplace

Sunroom options in Charlotte, NC and price points

custom built sunroom in Charlotte

Energy-efficient custom built sunroom with lattice under deck

More and more people are wanting to add on to their homes with specific rooms that allow a lot of light in and make us feel like we are on vacation without having to leave our home. When people refer to a sun room, there are many options and connotations that we will clarify in this blog.

The definition of a sunroom is: “a structure usually constructed onto the side of a house which allows enjoyment of the surrounding landscape while being sheltered from adverse weather conditions such as rain and wind.”

Having said this, some people refer to a screen porch as a sunroom also and if you look at the definition, it is close. One of the key differences is how important it is that this space be heated and cooled. While living in the Charlotte area allows us to live on a screen porch about 80% of the year, many want the ability to be using this sunroom year around.

There is a hybrid between a screen porch and sunroom that we have found to be quite popular and used in neighborhoods from Ballantyne Country Club to Beverly Crest and Providence Plantation. This is a custom-built structure that has Eze Breeze windows installed in it. This would act as a convertible screen porch/sunroom.
These are plastic porch windows that slide open and closed depending on if you want to avoid pollen, rain, wind, and cold temperatures. On beautiful days, you slide the windows open and you are back to a screen porch.

Charlotte sunroom with Eze Breeze windows

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this Eze Breeze sun porch

A fully heated and cooled or what we refer to as conditioned space is becoming more popular the past couple of years as a place where you can feel outdoor without actually being outdoors. These rooms are extensions of the house itself and often use hardwood floors or tile that match the existing flooring. We spend a lot of time with our customers helping define what their needs and wants are so we can best advise on what will work for them.

When it comes to price points, an average screen porch is going to be between $15 – 25,000. An Eze Breeze porch will add on average about $5,000 to the screen porch price. Finally, a sunroom on average will run from $40,000 – 80,000 depending on size and materials!

To see porch and sunroom photos, go to

This brick sunroom was designed and built by Archdeck of Charlotte

This brick sunroom was designed and built by Archdeck of Charlotte

Enclosing a screen porch; turning a porch into a sunroom in Charlotte

There is a great product on the market we use at Archadeck of Charlotte to convert a screen porch into a sunroom or make a porch into a hybrid screen porch/ sunroom. We can design a screen porch and install a retractable window system that will give you a four-season room and the ability by simply sliding the window system back down back to a screen in patio or porch. This product is much more affordable than conventional windows and is very functional. For additional information you can comment on this blog or visit our web site at or

Designing and building a room addition in Charlotte

Archadeck of Charlotte was recently hired to design and build a large room addition in Charlotte, NC. The client’s objective was to design a room for an aging parent. The more we found out about the circumstances the customer was going through, the more sense it made why they were doing this. The cost of health care for assisted living is so high that the room addition will pay for itself in 2 years. In addition, the value that it adds to their home will bring a large return. This investment on this remodeling project will actually save them the on-going expense of assisted living and provide a great return on investment! We made a fun video of a radio ad that we provide a link to watch right here  along with Archadeck’s web site to find out more!