Build a deck in Charlotte, what are the codes I need to know?

As licensed General Contractors that specialize in decks, Archadeck has to keep up on all of the local building codes and changes that effect them. The county building codes are adopted to insure safety of the homeowner. Image   Here are a few of the more important codes to comply with:

Make sure if you are attaching a ledger board to the house wall that you thru-bolt from the inside of the crawl space out between EVERY joist.

Make sure if the deck is above 6′ high, use 6×6 columns and lateral bracing

If you are attaching a ledger board to a sided house, make sure you properly flash with metal flashing!

For more information and great photo’s, visit so if you are going to build a deck in Charlotte, this will help!

What is the proper depth for deck footings and material to use?

For those of you that wonder what is the proper depth to dig footings for your deck columns and the best material to use, this blog by Archadeck of Charlotte will give you the answers!

Depending on where you live geographically, will help determine the answer. Up north where the frost line is deeper, it is common to have to dig your footers 3 – 4 ft deep and pour concrete. Down in the Charlotte, NC market it is only necessary to go 12 – 18″. It is common to use 2 – 16×16 cinder blocks stacked to provide a solid footing for the 6×6 columns to sit on. It is not necessary to add concrete on top of that unless you cannot find solid soil or the deck is unusually high off grade.

Finding solid soil can sometimes be a challenge. In rare cases we run across what is called “bull tallow” soil. This feels like quick sand in that you can take a prod and it will go straight through the soil. In this event,  a soil engineer will be required to design a footing that will be structurally sound and safe for the deck to be built on. Deck building in Charlotte does have its own codes.

Timber Tech Earthwoods Teak composite deck and Black Radiance Composite Rail

Archadeck of Charlotte custom designed and built this TimberTech Earthwoods Teak Composite deck and Black Radiance Rail

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