Deck designs for outdoor living spaces in Charlotte and drainage implications

What should be considered when looking for a deck design for your outdoor living space? Most people think of the type of material first or look at ideas in magazines. We at Archadeck of Charlotte recommend you first look at two things; the architecture your home and the functionality you envision. The outdoor living space is increasingly important to people in terms of quality of life and resale value. Decks make a lot of sense if your home is built off grade or has a slope to it as it will not be harmed or disrupt drainage issues. We feel that it is so important to look at the outside and back of your home first to insure the design of your deck is incorporated into the whole look so it does not feel like an addition but is an extension of your home that flows seamlessly. Making your deck have mutliple levels, angles, and patterns all add to the beauty of the project. Materials can be mixed and matched to meet low-maintenance preferences, aesthetics, and of course, budget. To get some free ideas, check out both our web site at and our Archadeck of Charlotte YouTube videos.

TimberTech Earthwoods Rosewood Composite deck and rail
Multi-level and pattern composite deck design by Archadeck with composite rail

Stone sitting walls and retaining walls can beautify and help with drainage issues…

We are designing and building more decorative and functional stone sitting walls and retaining walls around patios than ever. They serve more than one purpose! You obviously keep the dirt from eroding and give you a level patio. In addition, it can help redirect water for drainage issues.  Archadeck of Charlotte often gets involved in solving drainage issues and stone walls can certainly help if you know how to read the slope and install the proper foundation. We can give great advice and design ideas and look under patios in our photo gallery to see some wonderful pictures below. Finally, there is a variety of stone options that can make the wall gorgeous and you can even incorporate a fireplace or firepit as we have! or