Have to clean the pollen off of your screen porch? Not with EZE Breeze Windows!

We have turned the calendar to a new year, in North Carolina,  spring will be in site in just a couple of months! Each and every year our city of Charlotte gets bombarded with the greenish yellow powder that gets everywhere better known as pollen.

If you own a screen porch and like to be outside in the spring, it is nasty to have this powder all over your furniture, dining table, and porch floor. What do people do to remedy this? The cleaning is not fun because you are never quite sure when the pollen will stop and the particles are so fine that they get right through the screen.

A great solutions is a retractable screen porch window system called EZE Breeze windows made by PGT Industries out of Florida. These are constructed of a sturdy powder-coated aluminum frame that has a lifetime warranty and then with  “memory-vinyl” window panes that are both durable and clear. Archadeck of Charlotte has distributed the product for years and it has done nothing but grow in popularity. Whether the home is valued at $250,000 or $2mm, the product is stylish and functional.

Once you enclose the porch with the EZE Breeze windows, they prevent the pollen from spreading all over your porch. When the pollen season is over, you simply slide the windows up or down and they retract returning your porch to screen room. There are great videos on You Tube on the Archadeck of Charlotte channel that really show how the windows operate!

Additional benefits to the product include the fact that they keep rain out, dirt out, and can extend your outdoor living season! I have personally installed them in my porch and can testify that they have converted our porch from a screen porch to a fully functional outdoor space!

Screen Porch with EZ Breeze windows and stone outdoor fireplace

Stone outdoor fireplace with EZ Breeze windows in screen porch

Screen porch with EZE Breeze windows and pressure-treated wood steps

Screen porch with EZE Breeze windows and pressure-treated wood steps

Sunroom options in Charlotte, NC and price points

custom built sunroom in Charlotte

Energy-efficient custom built sunroom with lattice under deck

More and more people are wanting to add on to their homes with specific rooms that allow a lot of light in and make us feel like we are on vacation without having to leave our home. When people refer to a sun room, there are many options and connotations that we will clarify in this blog.

The definition of a sunroom is: “a structure usually constructed onto the side of a house which allows enjoyment of the surrounding landscape while being sheltered from adverse weather conditions such as rain and wind.”

Having said this, some people refer to a screen porch as a sunroom also and if you look at the definition, it is close. One of the key differences is how important it is that this space be heated and cooled. While living in the Charlotte area allows us to live on a screen porch about 80% of the year, many want the ability to be using this sunroom year around.

There is a hybrid between a screen porch and sunroom that we have found to be quite popular and used in neighborhoods from Ballantyne Country Club to Beverly Crest and Providence Plantation. This is a custom-built structure that has Eze Breeze windows installed in it. This would act as a convertible screen porch/sunroom.
These are plastic porch windows that slide open and closed depending on if you want to avoid pollen, rain, wind, and cold temperatures. On beautiful days, you slide the windows open and you are back to a screen porch.

Charlotte sunroom with Eze Breeze windows

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this Eze Breeze sun porch

A fully heated and cooled or what we refer to as conditioned space is becoming more popular the past couple of years as a place where you can feel outdoor without actually being outdoors. These rooms are extensions of the house itself and often use hardwood floors or tile that match the existing flooring. We spend a lot of time with our customers helping define what their needs and wants are so we can best advise on what will work for them.

When it comes to price points, an average screen porch is going to be between $15 – 25,000. An Eze Breeze porch will add on average about $5,000 to the screen porch price. Finally, a sunroom on average will run from $40,000 – 80,000 depending on size and materials!

To see porch and sunroom photos, go to http://www.charlotte.archadeck.com

This brick sunroom was designed and built by Archdeck of Charlotte

This brick sunroom was designed and built by Archdeck of Charlotte

Do screen porches really allow for year round outdoor living?

Screen Porch by Archadeck of Charlotte

Custom screen porch or covered deck in Charlotte by Archadeck

As one of the largest and most successful outdoor living companies in the country, we often get asked about how useful a screen porch is and can you use it year round? Here in Charlotte, we at Archadeck find that you can use your screen porch just about year round with the exception of perhaps 60 days in the winter and they are not consecutive. If you integrate an outdoor fireplace or Eze-Breeze windows you can extend the use to all year round! The screen porch is much more affordable than a sunroom or heated living space and in Charlotte, the weather makes it ideal as you get to enjoy our warm climate and escape from the stress of everyday life right in your own backyard! So yes, screen porches are a wonderful addition that can be used most of if not all year around in Charlotte!

Can EZ Breeze Windows really make a screen porch a 4-season room?

Charlotte screened porch with EZ Breeze window system

Charlotte screened porch with EZ Breeze window system

We get asked at Archadeck of Charlotte all of the time if the EZ Breeze window system from PGT Industries can turn a screen porch into a 4-season room. The answer is sort of. We that are fortunate enough to  live in the Carolina’s, have temperate weather year around. You can use a space heater on the coldest days in winter and ceiling fans on the hottest days in summer and it does make it bearable. The EZ Breeze windows are great at keeping pollen and dust, rain and wind out of your screen porch. It also will definitely prolong the use of your porch! For pictures and videos of projects using EZ Breeze windows, take a look at our galleries at http://www.charlotte.archadeck.com

Screen Porches with a window enclosure system prevents pollen!

We have been designing and building screen porches for over 20 years in Charlotte, NC. We have found a great retractable window system that prevents the green yellowish dust from pollen getting all over your furniture and flooring. This time of year in Charlotte, the pollen is everywhere and this enclosure system really works. It turns your screen porch into a “convertible” sunroom and back again simply by pulling the windows up and down and the sceen stays in place permanently. I have enlosed some great photos as well as a link to our photo gallery where you can see more!

EZ Breeze windows on screen porch in Charlotte

Screen porch with retractable EZ Breeze windowshttp://www.archadeckofcharlotte.com or http://charlotte.archadeck.comscreen porch with retractable windows