What is the best way to clean my Eze Breeze Windows

Stone outdoor fireplace integrated into screen porch with EZE Breeze windows


Eze Breeze windows are manufactured by PGT Industries in Sarasota, Florida. Archadeck of Charlotte has been installing their porch window product for over 15 years in the Carolina’s.

There are many questions centered around how to best clean the Eze Breeze windows. If you read the warranty, you should never use a product containing alcohol (ie. Windex) as it will void the warranty on the vinyl panes.

The windows all have little tabs at the top of each pane that allow you to completely remove the individual panes from the track. Because they are so light weight, this is quite easy to handle. Once you remove the pane from the track, you can simply wash it down with a soft soap and water or the PGT makes a cleaner specifically for their own product that is quite effective.

Archadeck of Charlotte stocks the cleaner at their offices in Charlotte.

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How do I clean my EZE BREEZE windows?

Archadeck of Charlotte and been distributing and installing PGT’s EZE BREEZE porch windows for over 15 years now.

One of the most common questions we get is how to clean them? The manufacturer is PGT Industries in Sarasota, Florida does sell a specialty cleaner that is branded specifically for the windows. Short of that, do NOT use Windex or anything containing alcohol as it will void the warranty!

We recommend either Woolite, soap and water, or of course if you have access to the actual cleaner. The windows tilt in for easy cleaning and actually are removable if you want to hand wash them as they are very light in weight.

They generally need cleaning twice a year, not too bad! For more information on EZE Breeze or other porch products, go to http://www.archadeckofcharlotte.com

EZE Breeze screen porch with a difficult roof connection built by Archadeck of Charlotte

EZE Breeze screen porch with a difficult roof connection built by Archadeck of Charlotte