How much should an outdoor fireplace cost?

We have a broad perspective of the competitive market for outdoor fireplaces in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding market. Outdoor fireplaces are available as a “do-it-yourselfer”, a pre-fabricated unit, and a custom built variety.

We have written in previous blogs by Archadeck of Charlotte that it is not advisable to build an outdoor fireplace if you do not do this for a living. You can reference our “why should a do-it-yourselfer not build an outdoor fireplace” blog. In terms of pre-fabricated units, they range from $6,000 – $9,000 depending on size and material and that includes the cost of labor. A custom stone outdoor fireplace can range from $6,000 on up depending on size and stone. The average stone outdoor fireplace seems to run around $7,000 for a free-standing to over $10,000 for one that is integrated into a screen porch. These prices do include labor and material. For more information, go to

Stone outdoor fireplace with stone travertine patio

Stone patio with outdoor fireplace

Home Show this weekend at The Park (Merchandise Mart) in Charlotte!

This weekend starting today (8/26/11) at The Park Expo Center in Charlotte is the Fall Home Show. Archadeck of Charlotte and Value Remodelers have taken out 3 separate booths to show consumers the latest trends in outdoor living and kitchen and bath remodeling. The are a tremendous amount of vendors participating in the event that is held annually off of Independence Boulevard near Ovens Auditorium. Come to the Archadeck and/or Value Remodelers booth and mention this blog and receive 10% off a project with us!! The show hours are 10am – 7pm on Saturday and 10am – 4pm on Sunday. For more information on Archadeck of Charlotte, visit our web site at or

How to select the best stone for my outdoor fireplace?

Paver patio with stone firepit in CharlotteSo, how should you go about selecting best stone for your outdoor fireplace? First, take an inventory of what your exterior cladding on your home, landscaping, foundation, etc….

Secondly, familiarize yourself with what is out there. With the explosion of stone as a cladding preference in the Charlotte, NC market, there are many styles and colors. Archadeck of Charlotte has a full exterior show room where you can select any number of stone colors and types. There is ledge stone, field stone, stack stone, flagstone, and so forth that are available in either real stone from a quarry or synthetic stone from companies like El Dorado Stone who have a vast selection of stone colors and styles. It is important to work with a professional consultant who has experience so that you not only select the correct color of stone but also the right style that works with your home and needs! To see some great visuals on outdoor fireplaces and the stone you can choose from, check out the photo gallery at

Outdoor Stone Fire Pits versus Outdoor Stone Fireplaces

One of the most requested and researched areas of outdoor living in 2011 is stone outdoor fire pits versus stone outdoor fireplaces. The issues are simple; cost, aesthetics, and function.

The cost difference between stone fire pits and stone fireplaces that are free-standing is somewhere between $6-7,000 more for the fireplace. In terms of aesthetics, a stone outdoor fireplace is a focal point for the backyard while a fire pit is more of a complimentary structure to the patio and sitting wall. Finally, the function is similar. They both give off great heat but the fireplace when built correctly will direct the smoke away from your guests and into the air!

Outdoor Fireplace Options for screen porches

We are finding more and more people who want to figure out how to integrate an outdoor fireplace into a screen porch here in Charlotte, NC. There are several challenges that come with this product. First, there are local building codes that require you to keep the fireplace at least 10′ away from the house. Then the chimney must go at least 2′ over the highest pitch within 10′ of the actual chimney. What this means is if your screen porch is elevated off the ground, you need to pay for masonry from the ground up to the porch level and then continue the masonry all the way up through the roof and 2′ past the highest pitch which can be extremely costly to have a wood burning fireplace. This is less of a cost factor if you have a porch that is 3′ or less from grade. An option to bring the cost down is a gas/ventless outdoor fireplace. This will not require you to start the masonry from the ground but since it is lighter weight, you can structure the porch so is sits on the porch and then does not need a chimney. This is important for those who are on a budget and not able to afford the wood burning option!

Best new showroom in Charlotte coming to Archadeck!

Archadeck of Charlotte has just announced plans to open the most expansive and appealing showroom in the Carolina’s! They are currently located at 2311 Village Lake Drive in Charlotte, NC, off of Independence Boulevard and are gutting their current showroom. The new showroom will feature a complete kitchen area, bathroom, tile, hardwood, and granite selection, fixtures, etc. They have converted their outdoor playground area and are building new decks, patio’s, outdoor fireplaces, a firepit, and outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven, and a complete outdoor family room for the public to get design ideas. While there are a few other showrooms around town, there is nothing that matches this. The design is complete and the installation is underway. The public can come by now and start to see the many offerings for outdoor living and kitchen and bath renovation ideas. The showroom should be fully completed by the end of February. There is a plan to have a massive Open House to show the public the exactly what is going on at Archadeck! To get more information, go to or call at 704-944-1350.

Designing Water Features with stone patios in Charlotte

Water features are becoming more and more popular in the Charlotte market. We are getting design requests much more often where they are part of a total landscape and hardcape design (stone patios and pavers). Water features are great for their beauty and their soothing sound. They can be designed and built affordably when they are coupled with another project like a stone patio  or part of a total backyard design. We have decided to design and build one at our showroom at Archadeck of Charlotte at 2311 Village Lake Drive right off of Independence Boulevard and it is right next to a paver patio with an outdoor fireplace at our show room! For even more outdoor living design ideas…check out our photo gallery’s… or