Charlotte Outdoor Kitchens really taking off….why?

The outdoor kitchen business in Charlotte is growing exponentially. Why is that? At Archadeck of Charlotte, we design and build outdoor living spaces and outdoor living rooms. We see the trends and we are in the middle of a weekend Home Show here in Charlotte. By far the biggest request for information is on outdoor kitchens. Perhaps it’s our love of the concept of moving the inside features of homes outside? Perhaps it’s just trying to “keep up with the Joneses”?

More likely, it’s the idea that we American’s love to grill, love to entertain, and if you live in a great climate like Charlotte, North Carolina, you can be outdoors at least 85 – 90% of the time. The requests certainly start with a nice grill, and can include but are not limited to a refrigerator, a sink, a warming drawer, a side burner, an ice machine, storage drawers, and a pull out trash receptacle. We primarily are getting requests for stone cabinets that are constructed of stainless steel framing, cement board, and various stone cladding. The countertops can have raised backsplashes with lighting, outlets, and every finish from stone to granite to tile. To see various outdoor kitchen projects and pictures, go to

stone outdoor kitchen Charlotte with travertine countertop

Archadeck outdoor kitchen will all of the appliances in Charlotte

How to select the best stone for my outdoor fireplace?

Paver patio with stone firepit in CharlotteSo, how should you go about selecting best stone for your outdoor fireplace? First, take an inventory of what your exterior cladding on your home, landscaping, foundation, etc….

Secondly, familiarize yourself with what is out there. With the explosion of stone as a cladding preference in the Charlotte, NC market, there are many styles and colors. Archadeck of Charlotte has a full exterior show room where you can select any number of stone colors and types. There is ledge stone, field stone, stack stone, flagstone, and so forth that are available in either real stone from a quarry or synthetic stone from companies like El Dorado Stone who have a vast selection of stone colors and styles. It is important to work with a professional consultant who has experience so that you not only select the correct color of stone but also the right style that works with your home and needs! To see some great visuals on outdoor fireplaces and the stone you can choose from, check out the photo gallery at

Is the price of gasoline killing you…conspiracy?

For many of us, the price of gasoline is as much upsetting as it is prohibitive. The nature of commodities is that prices have traditionally fluctuated with supply and demand. More recently, large institutional buyers are hedging against futures, shorts, and other equations most of us will never grasp. It feels as though currently there is a conspiracy (in spite of the fact I have never been paranoid!).

Instead of feeding the Arab nations billions of dollars, it is still unclear to me as to why we don’t drill for our own natural resources and bring them to their knees for awhile? From what I understand, we have plenty of opportunity and would lead to massive job creation (that would be a good thing last time I checked).

In the mean time, let’s use less gas and entertain at home. Creating outdoor living is all the craze and is like taking a vacation in your backyard. The opportunities are nearly endless from decks and patio’s, to outdoor kitchen and outdoor fireplaces. You can screen in a porch or patio to keep the bugs away and do a total outdoor living plan. For some great ideas, check out

outdoor kitchen Charlotte

Archadeck outdoor kitchen will all of hte appliances


Latest Outdoor Kitchen and Outdoor Smoker Trends

Charlotte outdoor firepit with stone bench

Charlotte outdoor firepit with stone bench

The outdoor living craze has extended well past decks and patio’s. Stone outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and patio’s are just the beginning. We have seen the basic outdoor kitchen (grill with a stone box around in with some counter space) evolve greatly.

Today’s latest trends are outdoor kitchens and smokers that are becoming more and more elaborate. If you are researching or planning your outdoor living space and need some ideas, this is a great blog for ideas.

Charlotte outdoor pizza oven

Charlotte outdoor pizza oven

If you are part of the growing sub-culture of people who make an art out of cooking outdoors, you can incorporate a wood-fired brick pizza oven, the Green Egg smoker or other brands, outdoor refrigerator, outdoor sinks, warming drawers, multiple burners, ice machines, and glorious bars with stools to hang out with friends while you are cooking. The entire outdoor living movement has become all about a vacation at home and a quality of life that takes us away being confined in our house while we are at home! For great ideas, check out or come see the best show room in the Carolinas at 2311 Village Lake Drive in Charlotte.

Outdoor Living and Remodeling Expo in Charlotte May 14th!

Archadeck of charlotte outdoor show place

Archadeck of charlotte outdoor show place

Archadeck of Charlotte is hosting an Outdoor Living and Remodeling Expo at their new showroom on Saturday, May 14th from 9am – 7pm. This is a great event to come see the latest in Kitchen and Bath ideas at the Value Remodelers showroom and the latest in Outdoor Living products at their brand new outdoor showroom. There will be a wood-fired pizza on the pizza oven that will be served fresh along with a wine and cheese party. This is a terrific opportunity to save money at this 1-Day event and see everything from outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, to composite decks and pergolas! For more information, check out the web site at or call 704-944-1350. Archadeck of Charlotte is located at:  2311 Village Lake Drive in Charlotte off of Independence boulevard!

Charlotte Outdoor Living Room Trends and Ideas

  So consumer’s have vastly decided to move their indoor life outdoors. What are the latest trends in outdoor living rooms? We are seeing stone outdoor fireplaces as almost automatic when people begin with their design. The stone fireplaces can be gas or wood burning but there are local building codes that must be followed prior to construction and you should consult and professional who has done these enough times to know.

  Lighting options are big with the outdoor living rooms. Everything from integrating recessed lights to rope lighting around a cove mold are great for extending your outdoor living well into evening hours for reading and entertaining.  We commonly install flat screen TV’s and surround sorround sound so people can watch ballgames, movies, or listen to digital music as part of the experience.

   We can integrate an outdoor kitchen into the porch with venting or build an attached patio or deck to house the cooking cabinet. Putting tile in the outdoor living room gives you a durable and low-maintenance approach to the room.

For these and many other ideas, visit our photo gallery at