Hardscape designs

Hardscape designs can be defined by a combination of products being incorporated into a project. We have grown into a full hardscape design build firm at Archadeck of Charlotte.

The origins of hardscapes was really referring to any retaining wall work and patio work. Today we lump the term “hardscapes” with almost any hard surface like outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and water features.

The market has made a major shift towards more and more hardscape designs in the Carolinas. The combination of substrates such as stacked stone, pavers, and block are a very common theme today.

To see a wide variety of hardscape designs, you can visit archadeckofcharlotte.com or go to the show room in Charlotte at 2225 Coronation Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28227.

Outdoor Living Space designs in Waxhaw, NC

We have been designing outdoor living spaces in Waxhaw for 30 years now! My how times have changed. We went from designing and building decks and patios, to entire outdoor living spaces with multiple vignettes.

Today’s approach to outdoor living is quite simple. People want all of the comforts of the indoors with the charm and the escape of being outdoors.

It is no longer enough to have a single outdoor space. The demand is for both shade structures like covered patios and screen porches as well as open areas like patios and decks.

It is almost a given when we design outdoor living spaces that they include some type of fire feature. It may be a wonderful outdoor fireplace or a simple fire pit. Some type of outdoor kitchen is going to be standard in the design. The outdoor kitchens range from a simple grill station to a full range of outdoor appliances like a Green Egg smoker, a sink, a wine refrigerator, and more.

To see a wonderful gallery of outdoor living spaces in Waxhaw, NC and the surrounding area, go to archadeckofcharlotte.com


Deck Design Ideas from Archadeck

Would you like some innovative and current deck design ideas? Archadeck of Charlotte designs thousands of decks each year. We thought we would share how to get started and what to consider when designing your new outdoor space.

Hot tub deck with a privacy fence and outdoor shower by Archadeck of Charlotte

Located in Charlotte, NC this backyard oasis was designed and constructed by Archadeck. It includes a pool deck, screened porch, covered outdoor kitchen and dining area, firepit and raised spa deck.

Where to begin? We suggest with thinking about size. How many people will commonly populate the space? What are your limitations in terms of setbacks according to your individual property survey? What pre-existing obstructions need to be considered such as plantings, trees, irrigation, drainage, vents on the back of the house, gas lines, etc… ?

What materials should you use? Some of these questions should be considered once you have established a realistic budget for the project by doing some research! Pressure-treated wood is a cost effective solution that will not rot. Composite decking such as Trex Transcends is a wonderful low-maintenance alternative that is now available in a variety of wood colors and patterns. Perhaps you are looking for a Brazilian hardwood such as Ipe? There are great masonry options such at Travertine stone decking materials.

Trex Transcends composite deck with a hot tub recessed onto a cement pad and composite beching for the ideal

Trex Transcends composite deck with a hot tub recessed onto a cement pad and composite beching for the ideal relaxing backyard!

If it’s a second story deck, perhaps you may want to utilize a dry deck system below so that it creates 2 distinct outdoor spaces economically and put a patio below?

Designing decks with shape to them has become very popular. Whenever we add shape to the deck, we have to consider the additional square footage that may be required so that we keep enough functional space where we need it. Perhaps we think about a bump out for the grill?

Pressure-treated wood deck stained with pergola and outdoor kitchen by Archadeck of Charlotte

Pressure-treated wood deck stained with pergola and outdoor kitchen by Archadeck of Charlotte

Accessory items on the deck that are popular today include pergolas for shade, solid roof structures for shade and protection from precipitation. In addition, built-in outdoor kitchens are growing in popularity with the simplicity of just a grill with counter top to a full range of appliances.

In addition, we have added outdoor fireplaces built right into the decks as well as fire pits. Deck lighting is quite practical and attractive. To find the best in deck designs, go to charlotte.archadeck.com and www.trex.com