Should I build a deck or patio off of my back door?

Flagstone patio and porch steps with rod iron rail by Archadeck

Flagstone patio and porch steps with rod iron rail by Archadeck

A common dilemma or question for people in the Carolina’s is whether to build a deck or patio off of their back door to access their outdoor living space. While either one is suitable, there are things to consider to make it ideal!

Remodeling Magazine has shown that consumers would prefer not to navigate steps when immediately leaving their back door. The implication is that if your home is built above grade or on a crawl space, a deck is an ideal situation because the height can be built to make sure you can step right out of your home without the hassle of steps. This is also a consideration if you use an outdoor grill since you may have several trips with food in your hands and going up and down steps is not that simple.

Archadeck of Charlotte designs and builds thousands of outdoor living spaces annually and is a known and trusted consulted on these and a variety of other topics. While you can easily get away with building steps off of your back door, the ideal situation for a patio is when the home is already built on a slab!

What are my patio step options and price implications?

A common question people are seeking answers to are their choices regarding patio steps and deck steps and the price implications. We will detail several of those below.

A primary consideration for patio steps is to determine if you want to match the substrate of what the patio flooring is or do you want to contrast? What is the substrate leading down to the patio or from the patio?

If cost is a primary consideration, wood steps are going to be a far less expensive way to go then masonry. TheImage challenge with with wood steps is they will require maintenance and are not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing in combination with masonry. The paver steps are rustic and provide a low maintenance solution. Travertine stone steps are perfect as shown above when they are combined with a Travertine stone patio.

Concrete patios are best suited for concrete steps. A great way to warm up the look of the concrete is to stain or color it with products that are very inexpensive from companies like Quickcrete or Rust-Oleum. If you are in need of further ideas and photos, you can go to to see the latest!

What are my options for paver steps or patio steps?

Archadeck of Charlotte designs and builds 100’s of patios annually. Instead of the more traditional wood steps coming down from a deck, screen porch, house, or down a slope, people are wanting to see different options for patio steps or paver steps.


Archadeck of Charlotte paver patio with paver steps

Archadeck of Charlotte custom designed and built this paver patio and paver steps in FT Mill, SC

The cost of wood steps is lower than masonry products. The beauty and low-maintenance aspects of masonry steps are making them a more popular selection today in the Carolinas! For great ideas go to the photo gallery at www.charlotte.archadeck.comTravertine stone patio in Charlotte with stone steps