Best Patio Surfaces in Charlotte, NC

What are the best patio surfaces if you are living in Charlotte, NC? It depends on what you will be using the patio for!


The most traditional surface is concrete. It is still the standard for track builders to provide a small “slab” outside the rear exit door of a home. The advantages are lower cost, low maintenance, and ease of installation. The disadvantages are primarily the propensity to crack and poor aesthetics. Stamped concrete improves the aesthetics, raises the cost, but does not address the cracking.


Flagstone is a popular surface for it’s aesthetics and is often found in high end neighborhoods. The advantages are the beauty and low maintenance, the disadvantages are the very high cost and will still crack over time.


Paver patios are the most popular surface in Charlotte. They combine the reasonable price point with good aesthetics. People believe that weeds can grow up in between the  pavers (which normally happens only when an amateur constructs the patio and does not add enough base or seeds fall from above and grow in the poly sand). They come in a variety of colors and sizes.


Finally, Travertine patios have been the fastest growing segment of the market here in Charlotte. They have tighter lines than traditional paves with less chance of weeds growing in between in the sand. In addition, the look resembles a tile and in fact can be purchased as a tile for applications directly over concrete on decks. The price point is slightly higher than pavers.

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Outdoor Living Design Concepts in Charlotte

To say outdoor living in Charlotte is popular is like saying it’s important to know people.  When you are considering your new or improved outdoor living space, it is important to work with someone who can help you imagine the possibilities. There are so many solutions but it is important to understand the integration of the architecture of your home along with various structures, materials, and designs. Archadeck of Charlotte has amazing 3-D software that can take your home and design any structure you can imagine so you can see it on your home prior to building it! The concepts can range from paver patios, screen porches, open porches, decks, pergolas, gazebos, outdoor fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens. Many times there are a combination of these products integrated into the design based on form and function. Start with the end in mind with your design so you can easily expand your outdoor living space as your budget allows.