Best patio design photo gallery in NC/SC

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this flagstone patio with black aluminum rail and patio steps

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this flagstone patio with patio steps and black aluminum rail

Want to see the best design ideas and photo gallery for patio designs in North Carolina and South Carolina? We have the most extensive patio photo gallery and even a video gallery on You Tube that can give you great ideas on what you can do with your outdoor living space.

Archadeck of Charlotte has been designing and building outdoor spaces for over 25 years and has chronicled many of their best designs in their photo gallery and on You Tube. You can find unusual materials, designs around various elevations, and even combinations of fire features and water features! You don’t have to look any further than the links below!

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What should I look for in an outdoor fireplace? How do I plan for my outdoor fireplace?

EZE Breeze Screen Porch with Outdoor Fireplace integrated and sky lights

EZE Breeze Screen Porch with Outdoor Fireplace integrated and sky lights

Archadeck designed this outdoor fireplace and outdoor kitchen and patio

stone outdoor fireplace with flagstone patio and outdoor kitchen in Charlotte

Are all outdoor fireplaces created equally? Like anything else, NO! Archadeck of Charlotte has been designing and building outdoor fireplaces for years now in and around the Charlotte, North Carolina area. There are several things to look for when planning your outdoor fireplace design.

First, do you want a gas starter with wood burning fireplace? Do you want a gas ventless fireplace? You should answer this question first so you can begin the planning process. If you are planning on integrating your outdoor fireplace into a screen porch, pergola, or sun room, sometimes gas is a better solution as you do not need to run a chimney up past the peak of the roof.

Secondly, do you want a brick, stack stone, field stone, or stucco exterior? Are you working with a professional contractor that has a lot of experience with designing the flu so that it draws the smoke up and not back at you?

Finally, are you aware of how far from the house the fireplace has to be located to meet building safety codes? Have you considered the size of the fire box? The type of mantle or hearth you may want? How about installing a TV over the mantle?

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Best value on using a handyman service?

The absolute best value you can get using a handyman service takes a bit of planning. First, make sure you are dealing with a service thwart has multiple recommendations, has been in business at least 3 years, has proof of current insurance, is well versed in the areas of work you need done, and finally, has a broad proof of work!

The key to the planning is 2-fold. First, think of a complete list you want done and write out your expectations clearly. Secondly, some handyman services (like Value Remodelers and Handyman Services, an Archadeck of Charlotte company), will allow you and encourage you to purchase the materials you need and then only charge you a competitive labor rate. These steps will insure the best value when planning to use a handyman! For more information, go to

What is the best and safest way to clean decks, patios, and house walls?

Wood renewal Charlotte Bench - Before and After

Archadeck of Charlotte has been searching for methods that are the safest and most effective ways to remove dirt, mildew, algae, and mold from various exterior surfaces such as decks, patios, sidewalks, and house walls.

We finally found the combination of organic chemicals through a franchise called Renew Crew. We love the 3-step process that is prescribed by company founder Stan Krempges. First, there is the soaking and foaming of the surface with the proprietary organic chemical that loosens all of the mildew, mold, algae, and dirt. Secondly, there is the power clean (not as severe a pressure as power washing). The next day or so, we come back with a protectant and seal the surface to insure it stays clean for a much longer period of time.

Renew Crew’s safe process has been proven and improved over the past 2o years and is now being used successfully in the Charlotte, NC and Ft. Mill and Rock Hill areas of SC. It is much less abusive than straight power washing and contains NO bleach. It will not discolor the surface like the other bleach based cleansers! For photo and text information, go to

Why people want rustic screen porches and outdoor living spaces?

Why do so many people want a rustic look and feel to their screen porch and overall outdoor living space?

We think people want to feel as though they are truly integrated with nature and their backyard. The overall experience of escaping life’s everyday challenges and routine is easier when we change our environment. The ability to open up our back door and escape is extremely appealing to many of us. Archadeck of Charlotte is a design/build outdoor living company yet hat is widely consulted for rustic design qualities. To see great rustic photos as well as other outdoor living designs, go to Click here to view our Charlotte screened porch photo gallery. Image

What is the consumer’s responsibility to a contractor?

What is the consumer’s responsibility to a contractor? The question is normally the other way around! That being said, like any relationship you enter into, there are mutual obligations.

One, do your homework prior to hiring any contractor. Make sure they have the appropriate experience, references, time in business, insurances, licenses, and inspect their work in more than one scenario. Number two, make sure that EVERYTHING is in writing on the details of the work to be performed. If it is not, “implied” or what you were thinking may not happen! Thirdly, be available for questions. There are often gray areas when it comes to aesthetics on what you may want and how it will be finished. Make sure the contractor has easy ways to communicate with you.

One of the primary obligations a consumer has to a contractor is paying your bill on time. There is consistent pressure exerted on the contractor to be timely and on schedule. The homeowner has the same obligation to uphold their end of the contract.

When both parties act responsibly, the outcome is generally positive! For more information on a professional contractor in Charlotte, NC …go to or

When can I keep existing deck versus needing a new deck?

One of the big

Timber Tech Earthwoods Teak composite deck and Black Radiance Composite Rail

Archadeck of Charlotte custom designed and built this TimberTech Earthwoods Teak Composite deck and Black Radiance Rail

frustrations for homeowners is receiving conflicting information from deck builders. One question that often rises is if the consumer can use their existing structure and simply replace the deck boards and rail or if they need a complete tear down and new structure.

Deck building is a science and an art. The average deck should last 25-30 years when it is built properly. If you have a deck that is 15 years old and I is in need of a face lift, have a professional out to do a deck safety inspection and chances are you could save a considerable amount of money with a re-deck as opposed to a complete tear down! For great ideas and photo’s on building a deck, go to