It’s Not all about Price

The economy is still in tough shape. In our business, we are finding people are getting more quotes than ever. Much to our surprise, we are still doing business at the same rate as our best years ever! We have spent time researching why this is? I was talking to my salesman this morning and he shared a story about a couple who met him 2 months ago and just now said they had chosen Arhcadeck. He asked them how they made their decision, their answer was that Cat (our salesman) gave them the most confidence in his ability to understand what they wanted and come up with ideas that would enhance their own. They also stated his experience won out at the end.

     This is what I love about Cat. We do over 800 projects a year and Cat is one of the most knowledgeable and likeable of any of our salesman. He consistently get high marks from his customers!

Composite Deck and Pergola