What are my options for stone patio’s?

There are many options for patio’s and we get asked all of the time what they are. Archadeck of Charlotte designs and builds outdoor living spaces and patios are fasted growing category for outdoor living.

The most economical of course is just a plain concrete slab. The drawbacks are they will crack over time and tend to look cold and industrial. An inexpensive way to solve for the aesthetics and keep the price low is to stain the concrete and warm it up with color.

The next step up is a stamped concrete patio, this is more expensive, looks great, but will not prevent cracking of the concrete. From there you can get into a variety of pavers from a straight brick look to multi-dimensional pavers. These are quite popular today. Then you get up to your Travertine stone patio’s and various tiles, they can be used as pavers or a tile

Travertine stone patio and landscape design in Charlotte

Archadeck of Charlotte stone patio and landscape design

look. Finally, you get into flagstone patio’s, a great natural look for your backyard outdoor living space! For a complete photo gallery of patios, go to www.charlotte.archadeck.com

Paver patio with sitting wall and fire pit

Archadeck of Charlotte paver patio and fire pit

Ceilings for screen porches including tongue and groove

When we get asked for professional advise on screen porches, one of the least thought of areas is the ceiling. It is surprising since it is one of the most visible areas and can dramatically change the look and feel of the room.

Archadeck of Charlotte has designed and build thousands of screen porches over the past 24 years and some of the best looks include tongue and groove and even coffered ceilings.

Screen porch by Archadeck of Charlotte with cofered ceiling and can lights

Screen porch with coffered ceiling in Waxhaw, NC

Ceilings are most often designed and built with ply bead material which is plywood based and comes in 4×8 sheets and then trimmed with lattice trim into the porch ceiling.Tongue and groove ceilings eliminate the lattice trim and are a more true beadboard. The cost of the the ply bead is substantially less and is a key driver as to why most people opt for it. The coffered ceiling can drive the cost up anywhere from $1,000 – $1,500 depending on the size and intricacy of the trim detail.To see many more screen porch and covered patio ceilings, go to www.charlotte.archadeck.com

Can you put an outdoor fireplace in an existing screen porch? Yes!

Outdoor fireplaces are all the craze and one of the most searched for outdoor living products. Screen porches have become the outdoor living area of choice for most. Combining an outdoor fireplace and integrating it into a screen porch is the ultimate outdoor living area and widely desired. The question we get asked at Archadeck of Charlotte is can you build an outdoor fireplace into an existing screen porch?

Travertine tile screen porch with stone outdoor fireplace

Screen Porch with integrated outdoor fireplace and outdoor TV and tile on screen porch by Archadeck of Charlotte

We are absolutely able to integrate a stone or brick outdoor fireplace into an existing screen porch with a combination of carpenters and masons and it is surprisingly affordable.  The entire project can take less than 2 weeks. The fireplace can be gas or wood burning. To see the most extensive photo gallery on outdoor fireplaces, go to www.charlotte.archadeck.com

How to build a stone outdoor patio?

Most people that are handy believe that they can build almost anything. Why? The conventional thinking is to save money or simply they just enjoy the challenge! So, what is the proper way to construct a stone patio? To start, you must find an area on your property that is going to make sense to place the patio. Some considerations include drainage, grade, and proximity to trees and your home. Secondly, you will need a lot of shovel power or access to a bobcat. Regardless of the type of stone or paver your choose, you will need to level the land where you want to place the patio with a slight pitch to move water the direction you want it to go. You will then need to purchase and install crushed ABC stone, aggregate, screening and then tamp it all do0wn. Ideally you want to build a 4″ – 6″ base prior to putting your stone or pavers down. Once you lay out your patio stones, then an ideal solution is to spread polymeric sand and allow it to harden. These should be useful steps for those that want to tackle this themselves. For professional installation and some great photo ideas, go to http://www.charlotte.archadeck.comor

Paver patio with stone firepit in Charlotte

Archadeck of Charlotte designed an built this stone paver patio with a stone outdoor fire pit


How to select the best stone for my outdoor fireplace?

Paver patio with stone firepit in CharlotteSo, how should you go about selecting best stone for your outdoor fireplace? First, take an inventory of what your exterior cladding on your home, landscaping, foundation, etc….

Secondly, familiarize yourself with what is out there. With the explosion of stone as a cladding preference in the Charlotte, NC market, there are many styles and colors. Archadeck of Charlotte has a full exterior show room where you can select any number of stone colors and types. There is ledge stone, field stone, stack stone, flagstone, and so forth that are available in either real stone from a quarry or synthetic stone from companies like El Dorado Stone who have a vast selection of stone colors and styles. It is important to work with a professional consultant who has experience so that you not only select the correct color of stone but also the right style that works with your home and needs! To see some great visuals on outdoor fireplaces and the stone you can choose from, check out the photo gallery at http://www.charlotte.archadeck.com

Latest Outdoor Kitchen and Outdoor Smoker Trends

Charlotte outdoor firepit with stone bench

Charlotte outdoor firepit with stone bench

The outdoor living craze has extended well past decks and patio’s. Stone outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and patio’s are just the beginning. We have seen the basic outdoor kitchen (grill with a stone box around in with some counter space) evolve greatly.

Today’s latest trends are outdoor kitchens and smokers that are becoming more and more elaborate. If you are researching or planning your outdoor living space and need some ideas, this is a great blog for ideas.

Charlotte outdoor pizza oven

Charlotte outdoor pizza oven

If you are part of the growing sub-culture of people who make an art out of cooking outdoors, you can incorporate a wood-fired brick pizza oven, the Green Egg smoker or other brands, outdoor refrigerator, outdoor sinks, warming drawers, multiple burners, ice machines, and glorious bars with stools to hang out with friends while you are cooking. The entire outdoor living movement has become all about a vacation at home and a quality of life that takes us away being confined in our house while we are at home! For great ideas, check out http://www.charlotte.archadeck.com or come see the best show room in the Carolinas at 2311 Village Lake Drive in Charlotte.

Outdoor Living Expo will be the finest you have seen!

We can hardly wait! This Saturday, May 14th is going to be Archadeck of Charlotte’s and Value Remodelers Remodeling Expo at 2311 Village Lake Drive in Charlotte! There will be the best outdoor living and kitchen and bath displays you have seen anywhere! For more info, go to our web site at http://www.charlotte.archadeck.com or call 704-944-1350 to find out about savings as well!