Advantages of Travertine versus paver patio?

TheĀ  two most common patio materials that are used by professionals today in the Charlotte, NC market are pavers and travertine. The question we are often asked is to compare the two?




  1. Larger tile like shapes
  2. Closer seams so limited room for dirt or weeds
  3. finished clean look
  4. slightly higher priced



  1. Multiple patterns and shapes
  2. tend to fade from sun
  3. slightly lower priced
  4. installed with sand in between where weeds can grow from the top


Both products are widely accepted in the market and hold up well over time. The key to any patio installation is the proper base and preparation with an eye towards drainage. For more information, go to

Beauty of a stone patio

The beauty of a stone patio is within the design, color, and low maintenance aspects. There are various stones that can be used from flagstone, to travertine, to pavers.

Travertine stone patio and landscape design in Charlotte

Archadeck of Charlotte stone patio and landscape design

Unlike wood structures, patios do not need painting or sealing (although some choose to seal to avoid stains). If you have a level area in which you choose to add a patio, the total cost is often less than a wood structure. Finally, patios can be cut to any shape and size with relative ease! To see a complete patio photo gallery, go to