Do Trex decks stain or mildew? Do Trex decks fade?

There is a lot of bad history and bad press out there on – line. If you don’t know what you are really looking at, it can be very misleading.

Trex is the originator of the composite deck industry and in fact, the original product did have these issues. The product faded relatively quickly. It was easy to stain with the spill of any oil based product. Mildew grew easily due to the porous nature of the design.

Along came the invention of Trex Transcends. This was a vast improvement of the original products that solved the major problems consumers complained about. By engineering a cap stock over the original core of the product, the product now has a 25-year fade warranty in addition to protection from staining. The product is so superior that in the previous 7 years, we literally have no callbacks on Trex. So when you do your research on Trex, make sure you are looking at the Trex Transcends!

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Trex Transcends decking color combinations, ideas from the experts!

What are the best Trex Transcends color combinations? Trex has a 5 color pallet choice is the Transcends line that includes a beige called Rope Swing, a gray called Gravel Path, and dark brown called Vintage Lantern, and medium brown called Tree House, and finally a reddish brown called Fire Pit.

Trex Transcends deck and rail by Archadeck of Charlotte with metal Decorator pickets

Trex Transcends deck and rail by Archadeck of Charlotte with metal Decorator pickets

Trex has an upscale color pallet that is called Trex Tropics. The boards are of the same excellent quality of the standard color pallet but have a black streak through them to give them the rich look of Brazilian Hardwoods. There are 4 colors in the line that includes a gray called Island Mist, a dark reddish brown called Lava Rock, a brown called Spiced Rum, and a light brown called Tikki Torch.

Trex Composite dekcing installed by Archadeck of Charlotte

Trex Transcends composite deck and fascia in Charlotte, NC


The combinations are plentiful and varied. The Trex rail system also allows for color combinations that will make a designer dream away! From solid black like the photo above, to solid white, the Trex Transcends rail also can be purchased in matching colors to the above mentioned decking colors. Adding metal pickets or glass inserts give the designer tremendous options when looking to create a beautiful backyard space

We love to see the Vintage Lantern as a great accent board to be used on steps, fascia, or even a picture frame around the deck. As the primary deck color, the Gravel Path or Tree House create the perfect combination of colors.

When using the Trex Tropics colors, the black streaker that is prevalent throughout the line is complimented well by black pickets in the rail or even the solid black composite rail system.

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