How many references should I check when it comes to home remodeling?

Unfortunately, when today’s consumer goes to invite a remodeling contractor (or any contractor) into their home, the decision is usually based on hearing from one neighbor or friend that the contractor did a good job.

When you are making a decision to hire someone to work one of your largest investments (your home), it makes more sense to get a minimum of 4 references as we find anyone can have a “good day”. The advice from the National Association of Remodelers (NARI) and other respected organizations is to properly vet contractors by talking to 3-4 references who have contracted these people and look at their work. If they cannot provide hundreds of examples of their work, do you really know for sure?

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People have to apply the same techniques they would as if they were hiring someone to work for their business when it comes to hiring remodeling contractors. To gain more information you can go to either or