Water Features integrated into patios in Charlotte

wood deck with hot tub and low voltage deck lights

outdoor living room with custom deck and hot tub


Water features are becoming an increasingly requested component of an outdoor living space. The word captures the category. The inclusions in this are waterfalls, ponds, spas, and structure that contains water!

We believe the demand stems from the soothing sound the water makes and the added beautification to any project! We have a unique photo gallery on our website at archadeckofcharlotte.com and if you look in either “patios” or “decks” in the gallery, you will find various water features that compliment and enhance the backyard!

Patio with water feature, how much would it cost


How much would it cost to have a patio with a water feature built into my backyard? Of course it depends on the size and materials. I am going to attempt to provide a reasonable expectation on a budget for this type of project!

A very modest paver patio that is large enough to house a 4′ x 6′ water feature that has a motor to create a soothing sound and all the patio area for a table and chairs should run between $10,000 – $13,000 in the Charlotte, NC area.


Archadeck of Charlotte designed this Gazebo pool cabana with fire pit and patio

Archadeck of Charlotte designed this Gazebo pool cabana with fire pit and patio

If you add a fire pit like the one featured above you could add roughly $1,500!

Call Archadeck of Charlotte to schedule your free design consultation at (704) 944-1350. To see many patios with a wide variety of water and fire features, visit our website at archadeckofcharlotte.com



Ideas for your outdoor living space (What haven’t I thought of for the porch/ patio?)

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this outdoor fireplace on a flagstone patio with dual sitting walls

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this outdoor fireplace on a flagstone patio with dual sitting walls

Pool pavilion with a stone box for a Green Egg and outdoor living space built by Archadeck of Charlotte

Pool pavilion with a stone box for a Green Egg and outdoor living space built by Archadeck of Charlotte

A very common question we get is “what haven’t I thought of for my porch/ patio? Can you give me some additional ideas of trends whether they are functional or simply aesthetic value?

Archadeck of Charlotte designs and builds outdoor living spaces in the Carolinas and has done so for over the past 25 years. There are several newer trends and ideas we can share for your outdoor space.

Water features are a very hot trend right now. You can do something simple like a small waterfall that has a soothing noise and adds beauty or design and build a pond with a waterfall.

Fire features to extend your outdoor living to year around include fire pits and fire places. We design them incorporated with structures like covered patios and porches or free standing on patios and decks.

Outdoor lighting is the perfect accent for evening functionality, safety and ambiance.

Outdoor heaters can be very effective again on a covered porch or open patio.

Shade structures are a must in the Carolina’s as the hot sun can make it uncomfortable without them!

There is an extensive photo gallery available to get outdoor living design ideas at http://www.charlotte.archadeck.com

Water Features…what’s next for outdoor living?

Water features can be defined as everything from ponds to waterfalls to simple soothing streams. Archadeck of Charlotte designs and builds water features outdoor living spaces to compliment an array of outdoor living spaces.

Archadeck is curious how our blog readership feels about a water feature that would be a hybrid between a hot tub and a pond? We are in the midst of designing a natural water spring that would be in ground and be built to hold perhaps up to 6 people with a smooth stone bottom that you would not be able to see down to as it will appear to be a natural hot spring. There will be therapuetic jets and heated of course.

We are trying to hit a price point just above an upscale hot tub but well below a pool. We feel this will serve an aging market between 50 – 70 years of age that wants to enjoy their friends and each other without the cost our maintenance of a full scale pool. What are your thoughts?

Ultimate Outdoor Living Area design concepts and ideas

Archadeck of Charlotte has been designing and building outdoor living spaces for over 24 years now. The outdoor living space has been redefined in recent years and the concepts and ideas are endless. Consumers are looking to extend their homes to the outdoors more and more and it is no longer just a nice deck or patio.

Travertine patio in Charlotte with outdoor fireplace by Archadeck

Archadeck of Charlotte outdoor fireplace, travertine patio, and stone sitting walls

Today’s trends are centered around 4 areas: shade, fire, cooking, and water.  Home entertaining is more and more popular as people don’t want to drink and drive, they avoid the expense of restaurants, vacations, or just love the idea of escaping in their own backyard.

   Shade structures are an important part of outdoor living. Screen porches are largely popular in Charlotte as they provide refuge from the sun and insects. Other solutions include covered patio’s, pergola’s, and retractable awnings.

    Whether it’s a stone outdoor fireplace or stone fire pit, the fire features are still growing in popularity. It is not just the idea of providing heat, it is a visual focal point and great gathering area for friends and family.

   Outdoor kitchens are growing every year in popularity. People are no longer satisfied with just a grill. Most common additions include a refrigerator, a sink, a smoker, and side burner.

     Water features can be a hot tub, spa, pond, or water fall to create soothing noise. Water features are mostly about ambiance and beauty.

Travertine tile screen porch with stone outdoor fireplace

Screen Porch with integrated outdoor fireplace and outdoor TV and tile on screen porch

The latest trend is outdoor showers and bathrooms. Archadeck is seeing an large increase in demand especially in backyards equipped with pools, hot tubs, or a lakefront property. To view the latest in outdoor livng design concepts and ideas, go to www.charlotte.archadeck.com

Archadeck takes Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Seas cruise!

Archadeck of Charlotte took their design team on a Royal Caribbean cruise on Monarch of the Seas this past week in search of outdoor living concepts, team building, and strategic planning. What we came back with was a new product concept we are excited to bring to Charlotte, NC. It is a water feature where it is a hybrid between a hot tub and a pool. It is a natural stone pond that has the jets and heater and looks like a natural grotto. You can serve drinks and entertain 6 – 8 people at a time in the pond that is built into the ground and has the look and feel of a natural hot spring. The product should retail in the $15 – 20,000 range installed and will be the envy of your friends! The Royal Carribean offers great service and we so enjoyed our trip but we are most excited about the “party pond” concept that will enhance anyone’s outdoor living space without breaking the bank!

Royal Caribbean Strategic Planning Session for Archadeck of Charlotte

Archadeck of Charlotte holds its 2012 Strategic Planning Session on Royal Caribbean

Designing Water Features with stone patios in Charlotte

Water features are becoming more and more popular in the Charlotte market. We are getting design requests much more often where they are part of a total landscape and hardcape design (stone patios and pavers). Water features are great for their beauty and their soothing sound. They can be designed and built affordably when they are coupled with another project like a stone patio  or part of a total backyard design. We have decided to design and build one at our showroom at Archadeck of Charlotte at 2311 Village Lake Drive right off of Independence Boulevard and it is right next to a paver patio with an outdoor fireplace at our show room! For even more outdoor living design ideas…check out our photo gallery’s… http://www.archadeckofcharlotte.com or http://www.charlotte.archadeck.com